Top 10 Secrets To Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring

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Buying a diamond engagement ring is quite a worthy purchase every man should be fortunate enough to make. Some who do not really know too much about jewelry and diamonds may feel as if they should just go to a store and pick out a ring which looks attractive to them. Although this may do the trick, there are better ways to choosing the best possible type of diamond engagement ring for your loved one. The following will list the top 10 secrets to buying a diamond engagement ring.

Shop Around

Perhaps one of the best secrets to keep in mind if you remember nothing else from this list is to shop around. Buying a ring of this type on a whim will most likely not lead you to the best deal or the best diamond. Therefore, take your time when shopping for an engagement ring, shop around and see what is out there to be purchased.

You Can Find a Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring on Sale

You should also be aware of the fact that you are able to find an exquisite diamond engagement ring with a favorable price tag attached to it. This is not to say that you should limit your choices only to sale items but always feel free to peruse the sale counter when searching for an engagement ring to give to your future fiancée. Do make sure that it is a legitimate sale and not one that runs all year round.

Size of the Diamond Really Doesn’t Matter

Another secret when it comes to buying an engagement diamond ring is that the carat size of the diamond is not really what matters when all is said and done. Although some may think that a bigger diamond equals a better diamond this is often not the case as cut, color and clarity all must be taken into account in addition to the carat weight of the stone.

Buying Online Is an Option

With today’s technology, you can purchase almost anything online and the same is true for diamond engagement rings. For those who like the idea of an online purchase, there are plenty of websites which offer diamond rings for sale and may offer quite a good deal as well. Just be certain to get documentation stating the true quality of the ring. The online business should have a 30 day money back guaranty with no questions asked.

Buying the Ring with Wedding Bands Can Save Money

You may also find that if you are in the market for not only an engagement ring but wedding bands as well, purchasing all of these items together can save you money. Certain ring designers will produce engagement rings with matching wedding bands which you can purchase as a set.

White Gold Looks Like Platinum But Is Less Expensive

If your loved one likes silver-tone jewelry but you are unable to afford a platinum diamond engagement ring, consider buying one made of white gold. White gold is a good alternative as it looks like platinum but is much less expensive.

Jewelry Retailers Often Have One or Two Sales Throughout The Year

Another secret to buying a diamond engagement ring is that many jewelry retailers offer sales during the year. Some are holiday sales whereas others are a way for the jewelry store to get rid of the old inventory to make room for new products coming into the store.

Purchasing the Diamond and Setting Separately Can Save Money

You may also find that buying the diamond and setting separate from one another can save you some money. It also allows you to choose exactly the type of ring that you want and be able to see it before the stone is set.

Buying a Small Carat Size with Baguettes Is Sometimes a Better Deal

If you are searching for a diamond engagement ring with a lot of sparkle but you are unable to afford a large carat diamond, consider buying a smaller diamond but add baguettes to the ring. This will add sparkle and shine and not cost as much as a larger diamond may cost.

Consider Small Jewelry Stores Which Offer Personalized Service

For those who are searching for a jewelry store which will provide personalized service, you may want to buy the diamond engagement ring for your loved one at a small jewelry store. These jewelry boutiques are often run by the individual owner who will do everything possible to make your engagement ring shopping trip spectacular. Online diamond buying will give you the best diamond at a far better price.


  1. Growing Incidence of Undisclosed Treated Diamonds in Australia

    DCLA has seen an alarming increase in the number of treated diamonds being submitted as natural diamonds to the laboratory for certification.

    It should first be said that diamond treatments are neither good, nor intrinsically bad in and of themselves. There is nothing wrong with buying a treated diamond, provided that the treatment is fully disclosed and that you pay the appropriate price for the diamond. Because of their lower cost and value, treated diamonds can allow a person to buy a diamond that appears to be of a higher quality than it truly is.

    However, too often the presence of such diamond treatments is concealed. Whether this deception is by intent or negligence, such concealment is tantamount to fraud.

    Not only does artificially treating a diamond significantly reduce its value, but most diamond treatments are unstable and reversible. For this reason, all internationally accepted rules for diamond grading forbid the certification of treated diamonds. An extremely disturbing discovery just recently in the DCLA Laboratory was that of a coated diamond accompanied by a certificate from a supposedly legitimate Australian ‘laboratory’.

    Members of the diamond industry have a responsibility to consumers to convey accurate and transparent information, and each individual that handles a diamond as it moves down the diamond pipeline from the mines should be held accountable for making known any treatments that a diamond has undergone.

    It is deceptive and unfair to fail to disclose treatment of a diamond when it has a significant effect on a diamond’s value. In its pursuit of consumer protection, DCLA is offering a ‘Diamond Amnesty’ for diamond owners Australia-wide – any diamond brought in with its matching diamond grading certificate will be verified for grading accuracy and tested to ensure that it is natural and free of treatments. This service will be provided free of charge.

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