The Diamond Engagement Ring – Is it the Real Thing?

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Buying an engagement ring is a wonderful venture, for both the man proposing and the woman receiving it. However, some hesitation may arise, not due to the proposal but because of the engagement ring. Some may wonder if the diamond engagement ring which they are giving or receiving is the real thing. There are a few surefire ways to tell if the lovely engagement ring is a real one or a fake.

Obtain an Independent Appraisal

The best way to determine if your diamond is genuine and not a cubic zirconia or other similar look alike is to have it appraised via an independent appraisal. This means that you should go elsewhere outside of the jeweler who has sold you or is selling you the stone (most of the time it is the former situation as most jewelers will not allow you to take merchandise from the store unless you have purchased it). An independent appraiser will investigate various characteristics of the stone to ascertain whether the diamond you have is what you thought it was.

Other Ways to Ascertain the Genuineness of a Diamond Engagement Ring

For those who do not want to spend the money on having their diamond engagement ring appraised by an independent jewelry appraiser, there are some quick tricks you can try at home which may help you to conclude if your ring is real or not. Keep in mind that these are in no way as good as an appraisal but may help to ease your mind a bit.

One at home test which may help you to determine if your diamond engagement ring is real or a fake is the diamond scratch test. However, NEVER use this test; it can be destructive to the diamond. Diamonds will scratch glass, however some other materials do also which could present a problem as to the authenticity of the test. This test is often tried but NEVER advised.

Another test which engagement ring owners can try at home and will be less likely to damage the ring such as with the diamond scratch test is the fogging test. Breathe on your ring and try to make it fog up. If it does and remains that way for a few seconds, the ring may be a simulated diamond. However, if the diamond does not maintain a fog-like appearance then the stone may be real. Again, as with any at home test, the results are not foolproof and you may get false results. With that said, it is sometimes good evidence to add to your arsenal regarding the genuineness of the diamond.

No matter what test you choose to perform, there is still no better way to tell the genuineness of a diamond than by way of an appraisal performed by a reputable gemologist/appraiser.

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