Steinmetz unveils record round-flawless set

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New York—After seven decades in the diamond business, The Steinmetz Diamond Group is pleased to announce that it is the proud parent company of twins.

At an event held last week in New York City, Steinmetz introduced the world’s largest pair of round brilliant, D color, externally and internally flawless diamonds with excellent cut, symmetry and polish.

The diamonds, dubbed the Steinmetz Yin Yang, weigh 35.61 carats and 35.77 carats, respectively, according to a release from Geneva-based Steinmetz. The Diamond Trading Co. sightholder cut them from two individual rough diamonds each initially weighing more than 100 carats and unearthed in southern Africa. In addition to being flawless and of the highest color grade, the stones are also classified as Type IIa diamonds. Only 2 percent of the world’s diamonds qualify as Type IIa stones.

“More than a year was spent by a team of Steinmetz craftsman to finish the perfectly matched pair of round brilliant cut stones,” Steinmetz Diamonds Chairman Nir Livnat said. “The peerless stones are a perfect example of two complementary entities that interact to form a greater whole–the natural metaphor for Yin Yang.”

The Steinmetz Yin Yang is available for sale through Sotheby’s Diamonds, the partnership between the auction house and Steinmetz. According to Steinmetz, market specialists estimate the stones will fetch more than $25 million.

Steinmetz introduced the Yin Yang on Dec. 2 at Bloomberg Link’s Hedge Fund event at New York City’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. The event attracts hundreds of international financiers and investors who gather to hear speeches from financial industry leaders. Link provides a platform for luxury brands to showcase their innovations to international influencers.

At the event Steinmetz, which has cut a number of iconic gems including the 203.04-carat De Beers Millennium Star diamond, also showcased a pair of 5-carat fancy intense blue diamonds, a 43-carat vivid yellow cushion cut, a 27-carat emerald cut, a 20-carat fancy purplish pink and a 75-carat radiant intense yellow.

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