Rose Cut Diamonds: An Overview of This Beautiful Gemstone

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There are many styles which diamond purchasers can choose from in their quest for the perfect piece of diamond jewelry.  Some individuals prefer modern cuts whereas others find that an antique-style is more fitting to their individual personality.  One antique style of diamond cut is that of the rose cut.  Rose cut diamonds are unique in nature and are not very often mistaken with other diamond cuts due to their original attributes.  The following will provide an overview of this wonderful diamond cut and provide information to allow you to determine if a rose cut diamond is right for you.

What Is a Rose Cut?

A rose cut is where the diamond is flat on the bottom and has a dome top which is covered with triangular-shaped facets.  The outside shape of the diamond can vary and many rose cut diamonds are circular, oval-shaped, triangular or shaped like a pear.  These are the types of diamonds which are often seen in antique jewelry or estate jewelry as they were quite popular in past years.

When Were Rose Cuts Primarily Used?

Rose cut diamonds started to appear in the 1500’s but it wasn’t until 200 years later that their popularity increased greatly.  At this time, more and more jewelry items were starting to be made with the rose cut style of diamonds.  In the 1800’s these types of diamonds started to dissipate as the brilliant cut came into existence and became the diamond cut of choice for the masses.  When the beginning of the 20th century arose, the rose cut came back into play and many believed it was here to stay but this was not the case and the popularity of the rose cut diamond dwindled again.

Are These Diamonds Still Cut Today?

Some may wonder if the rose cut diamond is now a thing of the past or if there is still hope for a rose cut revival.  The fact is that rose cuts are being made today but mainly as replacement stones for antique jewelry which once contained rose cut diamonds and may have lost a stone or two throughout the years.  Since the demand is not too high for rose cut diamonds, not as many diamond manufacturers are making this type of diamond available to the public.  The places which do cut diamonds using this style are located in India and again are done mainly for the purpose as replacement stones as opposed to new jewelry items.  However, there are specific jewelry designers which appreciate the antique look of a rose cut diamond and do in fact offer this style of jewelry.

Reasons to Purchase Rose Cut Diamond Jewelry

There are a few reasons why diamond jewelry purchasers may wish to buy rose cut diamond jewelry.  One reason relates to the antique look about this style of diamond.  Some individuals find the old-fashioned cut of diamond to be in keeping with their individual tastes and exactly what they are looking for with regard to diamond cut.  Another reason to buy rose cut diamond jewelry is that the way in which it is cut allows light to pass through in such a manner that its shine is brilliant.  Lastly, rose cut diamonds are unique and if one is looking for an original piece of diamond jewelry, purchasing a rose cut variety is the best bet.

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