Myths Concerning Diamonds and Diamond Engagement Rings

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Diamonds and diamond engagement rings are popular jewelry items. Due to their sparkling and brilliant visual characteristics, not many women would turn away from a diamond as their engagement ring of choice. For the men who purchase the diamond engagement rings, they may have a hard time differentiating between the facts and myths associated with this type of gemstone ring. The following will outline some myths concomitant with diamonds and diamond engagement rings and set the record straight.

Larger Diamonds Are Better Than Smaller Ones

This is perhaps one of the biggest myths associated with diamonds. Many think that because a diamond is large that it is ultimately the best choice. This is not the case. When picking out a diamond you have to look at the 4 C’s, which include cut, color, carat and clarity. A diamond engagement ring can be huge but have a terrible cut, color and clarity. Therefore, the best way to determine which diamond is best is to judge it according to all of the 4 C’s and not just the carat size.

You Have to Spend Two Month’s Salary

This is another common myth. How much you choose to spend on an engagement ring is up to you. Also, everyone earns a different amount of money each month from their employment therefore what one may make in a month due to their salary may differ greatly from someone else’s salary. Again, you can spend however much you like on the stone and engagement ring and you should not limit yourself to a ring worth two month’s salary, or feel obligated to spend that much.

Diamonds Are Rare Gemstones

An additional myth with regard to diamonds is that this type of gemstone is rare. Many think that due to the higher price placed on diamonds that they are difficult to obtain. This is not the case at all. The pricing on the gemstone is due to a variety of reasons such as the specific characteristics of the stone (i.e. 4 C’s), the type of diamond and the factors surrounding the work it takes to turn a rough diamond into a true beauty.

Diamonds Are an Expensive Type of Gemstone

It is not correct to say that all diamond gemstones are expensive. There are many diamonds and engagement rings available on the consumer market which are budget friendly. Although the price will increase as the quality increases in accordance with the 4 C’s, no matter what your budget may be, you are sure to find one which you can afford to buy.

These are some of the more common and often-cited myths associated with diamonds and diamond engagement rings. When shopping for diamonds, keep in mind that you don’t have to purchase a large diamond to get quality, you can spend however much you like on a diamond, these are not rare gemstones and diamonds do not have to be expensive. Remembering these key components will help you to find the perfect diamond gemstone.

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