How Jewelry Hallmarks Can Tell You Something About Your Diamond Engagement Ring

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When one first thinks about buying or receiving a diamond engagement ring, the first thing which usually comes to mind is what it will look like followed by the cost, where to buy it, etc.  One factor which may not come to mind as readily is the aspect of jewelry hallmarks on the diamond engagement ring.  Jewelry hallmarks provide some background information about the diamond engagement ring and let the purchaser and wearer know just what type of ring they really have in their possession. 

Aspects of Jewelry Hallmarks

When you first hear about a jewelry hallmark you may be surprised to know that this type of feature even exists. It provides a way for diamond engagement ring purchasers and other jewelry buyers as well to learn more about their lovely piece of jewelry. The jewelry hallmark often provides the karat amount and country of origin, in some cases.  On a ring it is usually on the interior of the ring, i.e. the portion closest to your skin.  It is an informational mark which lets you know just what type of jewelry you have chosen or has been picked out for you.


The Correlation Between Jewelry Hallmarks and Your Diamond Engagement Ring


Searching for a jewelry hallmark on your diamond engagement ring will provide you with knowledge concerning a few different factors.  First, you will be able to ascertain what karat of metal your diamond engagement ring consists of.  This will help when having it insured, getting wedding bands and other accessories to go with it and simply for knowledge sake in and of itself.  All you have to look for is the karat insignia on the inside of the ring and you will know what type of metal content your ring contains. 


Another thing which relates to jewelry hallmarks and your diamond engagement ring is that the hallmark often tells where the ring was manufactured.  This provides some insight into the origin of the ring and lets you get to know your new, important piece of jewelry more intimately.  However, do keep in mind that not all countries require the jewelry items manufactured within such country to bear an insignia of this type. 


Lastly, jewelry hallmarks simply make the buyer and wearer feel better by knowing that their ring is authentic and has an origin.  The jewelry hallmarks provide this ease to those individuals and give them peace of mind in general when they purchase and wear a beautiful and often expensive diamond engagement ring.


  1. when i got married i was wearing gold, therefore, had a gold wedding band and gold engagement ring. for probably about 3yrs i have been wearing silver, my nail tech/friend gave me what appears to be sterling silver, but it’s heavy, thick bands and has the letters “AN” inside both rings. i have alot of sterling silver, these feel and look different. thank you for any information.

    • Hi Lori,

      Sorry for the delay in responding. If your rings were sterling silver they would most likely have 925 stamped inside the shank. This represents 92.5% silver.
      The “AN” is probably the trademark of the Manufacturer.
      I suggest you take the rings to a jeweler that has the equipment to test the metal. It only take a minute and is very inexpensive.
      Let me know what you find.

  2. I have a 14K diamond ring with an insignia on the band interior that looks like two diamo d shapes one ato the other. Do you know what this means? It also says .25

    • Hi Elyse,

      The d is most probably the trademark (who made the ring). The .25 is most probably the total weight of diamonds. Example: 1/4 carat diamond.



  3. I have a ring with a hallmark on the inside: NVC on one side and 6 (or 9) on the other side (all hallmarks are on the inside of my ring) what do they mean?

  4. Hi Ann,

    The NVC is probably the trademark instead of a hallmark. I really don’t know what the 6 is for. Normally the trademark is beside the fineness mark. Example: NVC 14K— 18K.

    If you are not located in the US then the marks could be a Hallmark. The US does not have hallmarks, just trademarks.

    Hope this helps,


    • what is the difference between a trademark as to a hallmark?thank you.:)

      • Hello Margaret, trademarks are used in the United States only. Whereas, Hallmarks are used extensively in most European countries.
        Trademarks are not required to be used in any type of USA jewelry unless it also has a fineness mark.

        Thank you,


  5. I have a 14k -585- pink gold ring it has a number 17 stamped in it. could you please tell me what this means ! I found a crown stamped on it I found it is Finnish. I think it is a blue dimond I also read that they started the crown stamp in 1798 and stopped it in 1932 The stone is very woren but were its not it is full of colors there is another stamp as well it is a U with a N inside of it. there is another stamp and it is a M witk a 3 sided line going over the M head, 2-3 lines pointing down on each side of the M. Could you please tell me what I need to do to buff out the woren spots. I sure hope you can help me Ive been trying to find out these things and seen to be going no where !!! Thank you very much… Nancy.

  6. Hi Nancy,

    It is most probably a European hallmark. Is the 14-k-585 also stamped inside the shank? This is the US type stamp indicating 14 Karat gold.

    The 585 indicates 58.3 % gold content. (The 58.3 is rounded off to 585). If you have a point and shoot camera with a macro lense you should be able to get a picture of the markings and send to me and I will try to determine what the markings are.

    Hope this helps,


  7. I have a diamond ring and i’m not sure if it’s real it has 925 on one side of the band and nvc 9 on the other I was wondering what this mean’s?

  8. I have a ring stamped inside is 925 and NVC. The stone is many different colors like purple,blue,green also there is 30 small diamonds or what I asume are diamonds around the stone. Could someone please tell me if the stones are real and what the NVC means.

    • Hi Shannon,

      The 925 would indicate that the ring is Sterling Silver. The NVC is probably the trademark of the company that made the ring.
      In order to identify the stones and their value you will need to take the ring to a Gemologist/Appraiser and have them do the

      Hope this helps,


  9. Hi Jon, the company is NVC Designs and they are in Kingston, Jamaica. I have included their phone number, email and website.
    Call them and they should be able to help.



    cell: (876) 450 14 37

  10. I have a daimind cluster engagment ring bought in Holland the halmark/stamp is on the outside of the gold band , what does this mean . I do hope you can help .

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