Fun Ways to Propose Marriage

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By James Greene  ©

Before you place that one carat diamond engagement ring on your loved one’s finger, you have to think of a great way to propose marriage.  Some men like their engagement proposal to be romantic and filled with poems, flowers and all other things which portray a heartfelt love for their future partner while others like to keep the marriage proposal light and fun while getting the same message across.  If you fall within the latter category, you are undoubtedly looking for a fun way to propose marriage.  The following will provide some tips for you in order to find the perfect way to get to the part where you put the diamond ring on your future wife’s finger.

Consider a Theme

When you are considering proposal ideas as to how and when to present the diamond engagement ring, there are a few ways in which you can take the proposal.  One way is to have a theme engagement.  Some couples love to do certain things together such as go to certain sporting events or see specific bands together.  If this is the case with you and your love, then perhaps an engagement at a baseball game or while seeing your favorite band perform is a fun way to propose. Not only does it center on a certain pastime which both of you enjoy but it is something which will make the engagement extra special and fun.

Turn the Engagement into a Weekend or Week long Adventure

Another fun way to spring a lovely diamond engagement ring on your girlfriend is to do so during a special weekend away or week long adventure.  You can surprise your loved one with the diamond ring at the beginning or end of the vacation or even in the middle of the trip.  With an engagement proposal in this fashion you can make it fun and even more exciting than it already is.  Whether you are skiing for a week in Colorado or basking in the sun in the Caribbean, a trip along with an engagement is the perfect way to present the diamond ring in a unique way.

Get Others Involved

If you are hoping to have an engagement which is fun spirited and don’t mind letting others in on the secret (so long as you know that they will be able to keep the secret), a great way to do so is to get others involved.  This could be family members or close friends who can help you to plan the perfect fun engagement and make the proposal with a fabulous diamond ring even better.  Some examples of how friends can help is to have them be in the location of the proposal and help you celebrate after you have proposed or help you by planning certain surprises for your future spouse prior to the proposal itself.  Asking friends and family members to help you plan the proposal with a diamond engagement ring is a great way to make it fun and festive.

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