Fluorescent Diamonds – Are Fluorescent Diamonds a Good Purchase For Consumers?

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It is usually not until an individual starts shopping for diamonds when they come across various terms and varieties of diamonds which they were once unfamiliar with. Fluorescent diamonds consist of one type of diamond variety which many individuals are not familiar with in this category. The following will describe what a fluorescent stone is and answer the question as to whether fluorescent diamonds are a good purchase for consumers to make.

What Is Fluorescence? fluorescence

A fluorescent diamond is one in which the color of the gemstone seems to change. The apparent change in color is often due to the extent of light where they are being viewed. Usually ultraviolet light, such as that from the sun, and fluorescent lighting indoors can make a diamond show its fluorescent attributes. Blue, white and yellow colors are usually the ones which are produced due to a fluorescent diamond.

How Do You Tell If a Diamond has fluorescence?

There are a few ways to tell if your diamond has fluorescence. If you want a more detailed answer to whether it is fluorescent or not, then the diamond grading report is the best place to look. On the grading report you will find two aspects regarding fluorescence, level and color. This is the best place to find your answer if you want a concrete answer regarding the fluorescence aspect of the stone. If a grading report is not available you should have a qualified Gemologist examine it for you.

Are Fluorescent Diamonds a Good Buy?

Now that you know what a fluorescent diamond is, you are most likely wondering whether this type of purchase is a good buy or not. The answer will most likely depend on what you are looking for with regard to buying diamonds. If you want your diamond to appear to have various colors in the sun or under fluorescent light bulbs indoors, then a stone with a high level of fluorescence may be the perfect purchase for you. On the other hand, if you would prefer your diamond to not have a fluorescent aspect to it then buying one with little or no fluorescence is a better move.

It is also important to know that certain diamonds with a high level of fluorescence can change the value of the stone. If the stone is of a high color grade (DEF) strong blue fluorescence can decrease the value. If the diamond has a lower color the fluorescence can sometimes increase the value. A diamond with yellow or white chalky fluorescence will often have a highly negative effect on its value.

When all is said and done, it is important for the consumer to consider what they are searching for in a diamond with regard to fluorescence. If you like this aspect of the diamond and are happy with the sometime negative effect on the price then it should not be a problem.

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