Diamond Engagement Ring – Who Gets it If the Engagement is Broken?

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An engagement between two individuals is a special occasion which is usually signified by the giving of a ring from one to the other. Although many may not think about this, but there are certain times when an engagement is broken for one reason or another. This leaves the question of who will get to keep the diamond engagement ring. Since diamond engagement rings are often pricey in nature, it is an important consideration at the termination of an engagement. There are a few factors which usually determine who will receive the ring, however every specific instance is different and what is the norm may not work in every situation.

Who Purchased the Ring?

One of the main determining factors with regard to who gets the diamond engagement ring in the event of a broken engagement is who purchased the ring. Although the man usually buys the engagement ring, this is not always the case. Therefore, whoever purchased the ring may be the person who deserves to get the ring back. This is not the only way to go with regard to who gets the diamond engagement ring, but it is a factor which is largely considered in the decision making process.

Family Ring or Store Bought Ring?

Another factor to consider when deciding who should get the ring is whether the diamond engagement ring is a family heirloom ring or one which was store bought. If the engagement ring is a family ring then it should be returned to the family. However, if the ring is store bought, there may be more leeway with regard to who deserves to keep the diamond engagement ring.

Who Broke the Engagement?

Also to be considered in deciding who deserves to keep the ring is who broke off the engagement. A lot of times, when one individual broke off the engagement, the ring usually goes to the other party. Again, this is not the ultimate rule, simply another factor to consider.

Deciding the Matter Together

Frequently it won’t even be an argument as one individual will say they want or do not want to keep the diamond engagement ring. For example, if the man who purchased the ring tells their ex-fiancée to keep it, then there is no real issue at hand and the diamond engagement ring should be kept by the ex-fiancée.

Laws of the State

Some states will have laws enacted pertaining to this issue of personal property retention of this type. Therefore, it is always wise to check out the local laws and/or consult with an attorney should there be a dispute in the matter.

When all is said and done, who keeps the diamond engagement ring will vary depending on each particular situation. In the end, the easier that it is to decide this matter, the easier it will be on all parties involved.

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