Clarity Enhanced Diamonds – Is This Treatment Permanent and How Does It Affect the Value?

By James Greene  Diamonds are gemstones which come in many forms. Some are naturally brilliant whereas others may be a little bit cloudy to the eye. The clarity of a diamond relates to how brilliant and sparkly a diamond really is. These days’ consumers are able to purchase clarity enhanced diamonds where the original diamond […]

Choosing a Setting for Your Diamond Engagement Ring

By James Greene  Diamond engagement ring purchasers have quite a few options when it comes to choosing the perfect ring. Not only must they select a diamond with regard to size, quality and style but they also must choose a setting in which to place the diamond. Settings come in a wide array of choices […]

Asscher Cut Diamonds

When Was The Asscher Cut First Introduced and Why Is It Popular Today?   For those who may be new to diamond shopping, some may think that diamonds are available in a few different shapes and sizes but that is about it. Diamonds are a unique gemstone for many reasons but especially due to the […]

Diamond Engagement Ring Size: What Is The Average Carat Weight of a Diamond Engagement Ring in 2008?

Find The Perfect Diamond The diamond engagement ring is a symbolic gesture usually received by the bride to be from her future spouse. Diamond engagement rings come in a variety of styles and sizes these days and no matter what one may desire with regard to this type of ring they are sure to find one […]

Old Mine Cut Diamonds

What Are They and How Did They Get Their Name? Jewelry shoppers who are looking to acquire diamonds in their shopping endeavors will find a wide array of stones to choose from along the way. There are many different types of these gemstones as well as styles which one can select as their chosen jewel. […]