Gentlemen prefer buying diamonds online

Internet jewellers A boy’s best friend Gentlemen prefer buying diamonds online “MEN are intimidated when they go into a jewellery store to buy their first diamond,” says Diane Irvine, the chief executive of Blue Nile. Creating a website that looks good and makes it easy for men to learn about diamonds before buying has turned […]

Color Enhanced Diamonds – What is the High Pressure-High Temperature Technique?

Diamonds come in many different varieties. You have your usual opaque or yellowish tone diamonds which have undergone little or no alterations. In the alternative, you can choose from amongst a wide array of color enhanced diamonds, where the diamonds have been enhanced and their color tone brought out in a more vibrant manner. In […]

Diamonds – How and Where Do They Form?

It is hard to sometimes think of diamonds in their rough form, such as when they first arrive at the sorting centers from the diamond mines. However, diamonds are not what they appear to be at the jewelry store. They have an origin and a unique process of being developed, whether by nature or in […]

Synthetic Diamonds – How Are They Different From Natural Or Mined Diamonds?

When many individuals think about diamonds, they usually consider them coming directly from diamond mines and heading to the jewelers from which they are purchased. However, this is usually not the case. Most diamonds undergo rigorous transformations in order to become what you see in the diamond jewelry case at your local jewelers. One type […]

Custom Made Diamond Jewelry – How Does This Differ From Mass Produced Jewelry?

Diamond jewelry comes in many different forms and styles. Ranging anywhere from exquisitely designed tennis bracelets to a sentimental engagement ring, one is sure to find the exact style of they are looking for if they simply shop around a bit. An additional choice which the shopper gets to make in this regard is whether […]