Fun Ways to Propose Marriage

  By James Greene  © Before you place that one carat diamond engagement ring on your loved one’s finger, you have to think of a great way to propose marriage.  Some men like their engagement proposal to be romantic and filled with poems, flowers and all other things which portray a heartfelt love for their […]

The Diamond Engagement Ring – Is it the Real Thing?

Buying an engagement ring is a wonderful venture, for both the man proposing and the woman receiving it. However, some hesitation may arise, not due to the proposal but because of the engagement ring. Some may wonder if the diamond engagement ring which they are giving or receiving is the real thing. There are a few surefire ways […]

Blue Nile: A Guy’s Best Friend

When Web entrepreneur Jason Calacanis was ready to pop the question to his girlfriend, he turned to his computer. Blue Nile, the leading diamond jewelry marketer on the Net, helped him bone up on such factors as color, cut, clarity, and carat—the famous Four Cs. Turned off by high-pressure salespeople, he snapped up a three-carat […]

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring Online

There are many places to purchase a diamond engagement ring these days. One great option available to shoppers of diamond engagement rings is to purchase the ring online. There are 10 top reasons to buy your diamond engagement ring online and these will be listed below. Save Money The first and most important reason to buy your […]

Diamond Engagement Ring – Who Gets it If the Engagement is Broken?

An engagement between two individuals is a special occasion which is usually signified by the giving of a ring from one to the other. Although many may not think about this, but there are certain times when an engagement is broken for one reason or another. This leaves the question of who will get to […]