Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Online

Find The Perfect Diamond Purchasing diamond jewelry is a major decision. There are many factors that must be considered for such a large purchase. Because diamond jewelry is almost always used to mark a special occasion and because the cost of diamond jewelry can be high, it is important that you take time to make […]

Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring For Rookies

First, I hope you are a rookie to marriage. But whether or not you have been married before, you might still be a rookie when it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring. What is the best way to start? You can go in at least two ways that I can think of: On your […]

How Ancient Is The Tradition of Diamond Engagement Rings? The Answer May Surprise You

Today, a guy offering a diamond engagement ring with his proposal of marriage seems so common as to give us the idea that this was always so, or is a tradition going way back in time. Not so. Would you be surprised to learn that this notion became prominent and marketed by the De Beers […]

Steinmetz unveils record round-flawless set

New York—After seven decades in the diamond business, The Steinmetz Diamond Group is pleased to announce that it is the proud parent company of twins. At an event held last week in New York City, Steinmetz introduced the world’s largest pair of round brilliant, D color, externally and internally flawless diamonds with excellent cut, symmetry […]

Tips for Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

  The pure excitement which goes along with buying a diamond engagement ring may be so great that you forget about the various details which go along with buying a diamond ring for your loved one.   There are a few tips which engagement ring shoppers should know before purchasing that special piece of jewelry. One […]