Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring For Rookies

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First, I hope you are a rookie to marriage. But whether or not you have been married before, you might still be a rookie when it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring.

What is the best way to start? You can go in at least two ways that I can think of: On your own with a surprise, and with guidance from her by finding out what she likes. Surprises may work, but I believe a collaboration might yield a better result for this investment.

She may like certain shapes, pear shapes, princess, round, or radiant. Many like the princess cut which is second only in popularity to the round brilliant cut.

She may like certain metals for the setting, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum, for example. Many may love platinum, but choose to go with white gold in order to get a better price.

She may like a contemporary design with just the stone and a simple setting, or she may prefer a diamond in the center with a smaller one on each side, or she may like one with several side diamonds on each side.

If you prefer surprising her with your choice, it still may help if you find out what style engagement ring she admires, maybe one that her friend has, or maybe she really admires the one that her mother wears.

Once you get these two right, you can focus on the other characteristics of a diamond engagement ring: the size (carat), color, clarity, brilliance (cut), and certification if you desire.

Most people judge a diamond ring by its size. To most, size does matter, and often all we hear of in the press is the size of the celebrity du jour’s new rock. The traditional answer is to get the biggest diamond you can afford.

Size is not everything: The discerning will notice other qualities as well. Color is very noticeable from a distance and so it is important. On closer looks, and her ring will get them, examination will show brilliance, sparkle, and flaws.

When you go shopping for a diamond, you might check what a friend of yours did. If you trudge into your local jeweler, be aware that many are on commission and will try to sell you their most expensive diamond and setting. You might want to try a less biased place and look online.

One thing I noticed in looking for diamonds online is that you can probably find a better selection and find more choices than at many brick and mortar stores. And, I find that the mystery surrounding price usually drops away online and you can concentrate on the tradeoffs you might make to find the best value for a diamond engagement ring for your intended.

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