Fun Ways to Propose Marriage

  By James Greene  © Before you place that one carat diamond engagement ring on your loved one’s finger, you have to think of a great way to propose marriage.  Some men like their engagement proposal to be romantic and filled with poems, flowers and all other things which portray a heartfelt love for their […]

How to Propose Marriage

By James Greene ©    Marriage is a special union of two people with many important aspects to it.  When the time comes for an individual to propose marriage to another with a diamond engagement ring, there may be a wide range of feelings being felt prior to the time in which the words are uttered.  […]

Obtaining Diamond Engagement Rings at Wholesale Prices

  By James Greene ©   When shopping for a diamond engagement ring, the price often has to be right in order to make the ultimate purchase.  But what if you could obtain diamond rings from a retailer at wholesale prices?  Most of the time it is illegal for wholesalers to sell to the general public […]

Christie’s 39-carat “Evening Star” sells at auction for $5.4M

New York–A 39-carat, D color diamond from India’s famed Golconda mines called the “Evening Star” fetched $5.4 million at Christie’s, the latest in a line of remarkable diamonds to dazzle at auction. According to a press release from the auction house, an anonymous buyer snapped up the stone, paying $138,000 per carat for the diamond […]

“Vivid pink” diamond sells for record $10.78 million

The $10.78 million sale of “The Vivid Pink,” a 5-carat cushion-cut fancy vivid-pink diamond, broke two records in the auction world: price paid for a pink diamond and per-carat price paid for any diamond at auction. Hong Kong–A dazzling, 5-carat pink diamond dubbed “The Vivid Pink”–the largest pink diamond ever offered at auction–sold for $10.78 […]