Custom Made Diamond Jewelry – How Does This Differ From Mass Produced Jewelry?

Diamond jewelry comes in many different forms and styles. Ranging anywhere from exquisitely designed tennis bracelets to a sentimental engagement ring, one is sure to find the exact style of they are looking for if they simply shop around a bit. An additional choice which the shopper gets to make in this regard is whether […]

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring Online

There are many places to purchase a diamond engagement ring these days. One great option available to shoppers of diamond engagement rings is to purchase the ring online. There are 10 top reasons to buy your diamond engagement ring online and these will be listed below. Save Money The first and most important reason to buy your […]

Diamond Engagement Ring – Who Gets it If the Engagement is Broken?

An engagement between two individuals is a special occasion which is usually signified by the giving of a ring from one to the other. Although many may not think about this, but there are certain times when an engagement is broken for one reason or another. This leaves the question of who will get to […]

Vintage Diamond Jewelry – How Does This Differ From Modern Jewelry?

When one is shopping for diamond jewelry, they will come across many different styles and eras of jewelry. Vintage is one category of which many people are after these days. The look is unique and this is just one reason why it is such a highly coveted style. This type of jewelry varies in a few different […]

The Ideal Cut Diamond: What Is It and When Was It First Cut?

There are many different diamond cuts available to diamond purchasers these days.  No matter what shape or style of diamond jewelry shoppers are hoping to acquire, they are sure to find it if they shop around a bit.  One specialty type of diamond is the ideal cut.  An ideal cut diamond has its own unique […]