About James Greene

With the amount of questionable behavior on the Internet these days, it is understandable if you are skeptical with regard to the verification of credentials for those in the jewelry industry. You may wonder whether the background of participants in the jewelry sales and jewelry appraisal industries are legitimate and the individuals selling jewelry are ones who you can trust to sell you top quality items.

With that said, skepticism in this regard is a good thing to have. I too am skeptical about many of the jewelry sites and blogs that I visit. Perhaps the reason for this skepticism is that I’ve seen quite a bit of success in this business since 1982 and am aware of how things in the jewelry industry should be. I tend to hesitate when I come across things which just don’t seem right with regard to online jewelry sales and appraisals.

In order for you to feel more secure in my knowledge in this type of business, please review the following information regarding my credentials and qualifications.

James Greene is a Certified Senior Member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers and a Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America. A Certified Senior Member is designated when an appraiser has completed all the necessary gemological and appraisal training, has a minimum five (5) years experience, and has passed a closed-book four (4) hour examination on appraisal theory, ethics and methodology in addition to a five (5) hour practical exam. Character references and other pertinent information are also required to ensure the ethical nature of the individual.

In addition, James was awarded the title of Master Gemologist Appraiser of the American Society of Appraisers (1991-1996). He has written numerous articles pertaining to diamonds, jewelry, and jewelry appraising and will be discussing all of these topics plus much more in this blog. He has been a gemologist and personal property appraiser for over 25 years and will be sharing his experience pertaining to those areas with the readers of this blog.

Prior to becoming involved in the jewelry business he was a corporate pilot flying Learjets throughout North America. Although it may seem to be a big jump from piloting planes to the jewelry trade, it was during this time that he was able to visit every state in the United States, except Alaska, and visit mass amounts of jewelry stores while doing so. This gave him a chance to see many different types of jewelry and gemstones which has resulted in a lifelong passion of both.