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Understanding Diamond Clarity with Your Diamond Engagement Ring and Knowing Which Clarity Level is the Best

By James Greene ©    Various factors are a prime concern when shopping for an engagement ring.  You want to choose a ring which meets all of the desired features of categories such as cut, color, clarity and carat.  Although all of these features are quite important when picking out an engagement ring, there is just […]

The Pricing of Diamond Engagement Rings: How to Tell If It Is a Good Price

By James Greene ©   Pricing will vary, to say the least.  You will find relatively reasonably priced gemstone rings on one hand and then exorbitantly priced on the other.  The pricing of engagement rings will depend on a few different factors and there are ways to determine whether or not the price on your desired […]

The Benefits of Selecting a Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

By James Greene ©   Diamond engagement rings are such exquisite pieces of jewelry as a whole that there really is no bad style of diamond ring.  Each style of diamond engagement ring is beautiful in its own right.  There are emerald cut diamond engagement rings which many people favor or the usual favorite which is […]

Understanding the Hardness Features of a Diamond

By James Greene ©    The diamond gemstone has many different features associated with it which makes shopping for a diamond engagement ring an involved task to say the least.  While you must consider the cut, color, clarity and carat features of a diamond, there are also other considerations as well.  One consideration which is often […]

Why You Should Appraise and Insure Diamond Engagement Rings

By James Greene ©     Diamond engagement rings are exquisite pieces of jewelry, due to not only their market value but their sentimental value as well.  This is why taking the utmost care of your diamond ring is extremely important. The good news is that there are many ways to ensure that your engagement ring stays […]