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Color Enhanced Diamonds – What is the High Pressure-High Temperature Technique?

Diamonds come in many different varieties. You have your usual opaque or yellowish tone diamonds which have undergone little or no alterations. In the alternative, you can choose from amongst a wide array of color enhanced diamonds, where the diamonds have been enhanced and their color tone brought out in a more vibrant manner. In […]

Diamond Cutting – What Are the Steps in Cutting and Polishing a Diamond?

Many people may not know this but diamonds were not always the brilliant gemstones that they are often seen as today. In fact, prior to the 15th century, diamonds used to be worn in an “as is” condition, which means that they were neither cut nor polished. How they arrived out of the mine was […]

Diamond Rings For Men – Are Men Comfortable Wearing Diamond Rings?

When many individuals hear the term “jewelry” being spoken about, they often think of women with regard to this item. Although it is true that there are more jewelry items available to women than men, there still is quite a good inventory of jewelry available to the male gender these days. One type of men’s […]

Diamond and Jewelry Appraisers – How to Pick the Right One

Diamond and jewelry appraisers play an important role in the area of jewelry sales and ownership. There are many times in which an individual needs to have their diamonds and jewelry appraised. This is where appraisers enter the picture. With that said, many individuals are cautious when choosing an appraiser, especially if they need to […]