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Diamond Cut Grade – Why the Cut Grade Can Make Or Break a Diamond Jewelry Piece

Diamonds are beautiful gemstones no matter what their cut, clarity, color and/or carat may be. With that said, it is these attributes which make the stone favorable to the wearer thereof or perhaps not so much if they are lower than what is expected. A diamond which has a better ranking with regard to the […]

Platinum and Diamonds – Why the Finished Product is So Desirable

Diamonds are gemstones which look fantastic with many different metals and in various settings. The combination of platinum and diamonds exudes a finished product which is classy, shiny and brilliant in nature. Whether one is shopping for an engagement diamond ring, bridal set for both the future bride and groom or simply a fine piece […]

How the GIA Diamond Grading Report is Completed

The Gemological Institute of America, or GIA, is a reputable organization both in the United States and throughout the world. Among many other things, the GIA had developed a diamond grading report. This grading report is used to judge the overall quality of a gemstone and delves into various areas of the diamond qualities to […]