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Red Diamonds: How Many Vivid Pure Red Diamonds Are Known to Exist Today and At What Value?

Red diamonds are perhaps the rarest type of gemstone which is currently in existence today.  Very few individuals lay their eyes upon a red diamond which makes its uniqueness even that much more so.  Although colored diamonds in general tend to be highly sought after and due to their rareness not purchased as often as […]

Red Diamond Ring Fetched $2.6 million

  This unique one of a kind red-purple diamond, weighing 2.26 carats was recently sold at Christie’s auction for 2.6 million. It set the record for being the largest red diamond ever to be auctioned. It was purchased by Laurence Graff, an English Jeweler. Although, not the largest red diamond in existence, it is certainly […]

Old European Cut Diamonds: What Are They and How Did They Get Their Name?

Diamond purchasers often know exactly what they are looking for when it comes to shopping for this type of stone.  They know whether they want something big or small, modern or antique.  For those who are looking for an antique style of diamond, Old European Cut diamonds might just be the perfect class of stone […]

Rose Cut Diamonds: An Overview of This Beautiful Gemstone

There are many styles which diamond purchasers can choose from in their quest for the perfect piece of diamond jewelry.  Some individuals prefer modern cuts whereas others find that an antique-style is more fitting to their individual personality.  One antique style of diamond cut is that of the rose cut.  Rose cut diamonds are unique […]